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Implants in the Eixample

An increasing number of people need dental implants. And this is no surprise given that, although on the Mediterranean coastline (and in general, in the whole of Spain) we are lucky enough to live in an area with a rich … Read More


Can I have implants fitted as soon as my teeth are removed, or should I wait?

It depends on why you have lost your teeth. This option might be possible if the loss happens in the absence of infection and if the bone bed is healthy and unimpaired. In the event of infection or any impairment … Read More


Dental clinic in the centre of Barcelona

What do you need? What do you want? Open your mouth, and ask away! We have everything you need. From cosmetic treatments, to implants, to orthodontics. All of this, located right at the heart Barcelona’s Eixample, a picturesque place housing … Read More

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Standard treatments at our dental clinic in the Eixample

  Here’s a quick overview of everything we can offer you at our dental clinic in Barcelona’s Eixample (a beautiful location, if ever there was one – definitely a good start!).   Do you want a whiter smile? No problem! … Read More

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How can you whiten your teeth?

Cosmetic dentistry has become the new normal. Why? Firstly, because everyone likes to flash a perfect smile and a yellow smile isn’t perfect, right? Teeth whitening is the most common cosmetic procedure carried out at the dentist, since our teeth … Read More